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The "All In!" Package

“I play golf regularly and want to improve to be the best I can be. I value investing time into myself and my golf game, and will do anything within my power to be better than I was yesterday.”

This 5 session private lesson program is geared towards the novice to advanced golfer, male or female, who are serious about improving their game and lowering their score. As every golfer knows, there's ALWAYS something to improve upon, and at times it may not be a swing change that contributes to the "game changer." I believe it is equally important to improve upon things outside of the golf swing that have a major impact on your game. When it comes to teaching a golfer that is "All in!", my end goal is to create and nurture a well-rounded athlete, and build a resilient swing to last by:

1. Starting with a TPI Assessment - I assess your basic human movement range in full body screen to get a better understanding of the way your body moves. We build a Body-Swing connection to give reason to why we do the things we do in our golf swing.  In the long-run, this will save up time and effort, as I won't try to get the golfer to do anything they aren't physically capable of doing. As we progress, we continue to assess the body to keep track of the improvements and then gear the swing to maximize the body's improvements. 

2. Prescribing Drills, Exercises and Mobility Routines - After assessing your fundamental movement, and correlating it to the characteristics in your golf swing, the golfers is given a routine to reinforce the swing changes we are working on. By reinforcing the swing correction from multiple angles, golf swing drills, corrective exercises, and strength routines, the golfers improvements are accelerated and enhanced, because of the TPI approach.

3. Establishing a Practice Routine Program - Majority of golfers who are "All In!" do not need to be encouraged to practice between golf games, but what I've found is that many of the amateur golfers don't know HOW to practice effectively. Practice with the right intension yields higher success on the course. 

Bonus: Player Performance Coaching (Mental, Course Strategy, Nutrition/Hydration)

5 - One Hour Sessions (Valid for 30 Days) 


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