Junior Golf Development

“I am 5-17 years old and want to learn a sport that I can excel in and enjoy for the rest of my life."

Golf is an beautiful game and can help any young athlete establish life skills and develop as human beings. I incorporate the Long Term Athletic Development model in my junior golf lessons and programs. Junior golfers, from the complete beginner golfer learning FUNdamentals to an elite high school golfer preparing for a college and professional golf career, enjoy my programs that help them not only improve on their golf game but also instill life lessons, that they will both keep with them for the rest of the their lives. I am honored to be able to a part of so many young adults lives, and take their betterment seriously.

All of my Junior programs are built with a group mindset to help facilitate golf and life skill development for young athletes, with Long Term Athletic Development at the forefront. As the junior develops, there are windows of opportunity to establish skills sets that we need to focus on in our training, and they change as the junior develops into a young adult.

Private Lessons

Family Golf Lessons

PGA Jr. League (Summer/Fall)

U.S. Kids Play Pathway (Keiki Club)

Junior Golf programs are available throughout the year island-wide.

If you are interested in joining one of our sessions please feel free to contact me.