Equipment for playing golf

Teaching With / Around Physical Limitations

“I want to play more golf but sometimes my body won’t allow me to. I don't see my strength and/or flexibility changing too much but would like a better understanding of how to work more efficiently with what I can currently have.”

Truth be told, the majority of the population of people who golf and enjoy other activities have mobility and/or stability limitations. Have you been in a car accident? Have an old sports injury? Got a stiff neck? All of these things may cause your body to be unable to move "functionally" and may lead to compensations in your golf swing. We will work together to create a custom swing, around your specific body capabilities and get you to “swing your swing.” 

We begin by assessing the golfer in a TPI physical assessment to build a Body-Swing connection to understand why we do certain things in our golf swing. We will then work on the fundamentals that are specific to the individual’s needs and more importantly, capabilities, to ensure retention and long lasting improvement. 

By initiating a basic mobility routine I can help you start moving more functionally over time. I can also recommend a fitness program to reinforce the physical changes. The overall goal is to create a Custom Swing for the individual that is repeatable and injury resistant so that we can play our best golf for years to come!

$225 per 75 minute session 

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