U.S. Kids Player Pathway

U.S. Kids Player Pathway (Year Round) - $180 per 6 weeks (Books/Hats $30 additional per Level) - This program is run one day per week with 6 juniors in each class. Classes are separated by age and skill level. The format of the US Kids Player Pathway is similar to any martial arts program, as the golfer obtains necessary skills they’ll be tested and must pass all requirements to be able to move into the next level. The skills are built upon each other and include: full-swing, around the green, putting, rules, etiquette, club knowledge and have scoring requirements. As the junior passes each skill requirement for each level they are awarded pins, and once all of the pins are collected the junior is awarded a new colored hat for the next level. The Player Pathway books are given out to help juniors refer back to the information covered at practice, and to help parents use consistent terminology. I have been certified as a U.S. Kids Certified Coach and this is a nationally recognized program in coordination with the Long Term Athletic Development model.

Junior Golf programs are available throughout the year island-wide.

If you are interested in joining one of our sessions please feel free to contact me.


(808) 283-8659